ENU 6### Advanced Radiation Measurement

Provide students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the principals of radiation interactions with matter, radiation detection mechanisms, and characteristics of different radiation detectors and advanced detection systems.



ENU 4001 Nuclear Engineering Analysis I

Continuous and discrete variable solution methods for the statistical, algebraic, differential, and integral equations important in nuclear engineering.  Problems involving neutron, photon, fluids, and temperature distributions in configuration, time and velocity are mathematically modeled, solved, and interpreted. Using the book Foundations in Applied Nuclear Engineering Analysis by Glenn Sjoden, note that there is a 2nd edition out now!


ENU 5615C Nuclear Radiation Detection and Instrumentation

Interaction of radiation with matter, radiation-detection systems, pulse shaping, amplification, amplitude and time-analyzing circuitry; counting and measuring devices and control systems for nuclear reactors. Using the book: Radiation Detection and Measurement by Glenn F. Knoll (4th Ed.).


ENU 6106 Nuclear Reactor Analysis I

Nuclear criticality, neutron transport equation, multigroup neutron diffusion theory, and perturbation theory. Reactor kinetics: point model, reactivity feedback, and space-time models. Using the book Nuclear Reactor Analysis by J. Duderstadt, & L. Hamilton