Andreas Enqvist

  • Associate Professor (FP&L Nuclear Engineering Professor)
  • Director: Nuclear Engineering Program
  • Ph.D. Chalmers, University of Technology, Sweden
  • Research Interests: Nuclear safeguards, detection statistics of radiation from fissile materials, and the physics behind particle-detector interactions. Neutron physics & detectors. Neutron noise signals. Radiation signal analysis
  • Office: 100 Rhines Hall
  • (352) 294-2177
  • CV: CV_Andreas_Enqvist_2019

Current Members:

Noah McFerran

Ph.D. (Class of 2020)

Noah McFerran graduated with a bachelor’s degree of science in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Irvine in 2016. He joined Dr. Andreas Enqvist’s group in the fall of 2016 and has conducted research in non-destructive testing of nuclear fuel cycle containers. He is a Department of Energy Integrated University Program Fellow and currently working with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as he pursues his PhD. His hobbies include cooking, watching memes, and playing difficult videogames.

Taylor Harvey

Ph.D. (Class of 2021)

Taylor completed his undergraduate degree in Nuclear Engineering in 2017 at the University of Florida. He began undergraduate research in Dr. Enqvist’s group in 2015, doing work on organic scintillation detectors and pulse shape discrimination techniques. He entered the PhD program in Nuclear Engineering in the fall of 2017 where he continues to work on pulse data processing techniques and novel scintillation materials in Dr. Enqvist’s research group. Taylor interned at Los Alamos National Lab during the summer of 2017 where he worked on  a project to develop an algorithm to  automatically reject cosmic ray counts while using neutron multiplicity counting techniques for mass assays. Outside of research, Taylor captains the University of Florida Quiz Bowl Team and enjoys listening to music, watching films, and reading.

Heaba Noureddine

B.S. (Class of 2019)

Heaba transferred from Seminole State College to complete her Bachelors in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Florida in spring 2018. Heaba is part of the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program. As a McNair Scholar at the University of Florida, she will be conducting research in Data Fusion for Nuclear Security under Dr. Andreas Enqvist.  Heaba is also the Vice President of Internal Affairs for the American Nuclear Society Chapter at the University of Florida. After she completes her undergraduate degree, Heaba plans to complete her PhD in Aerospace Engineering and work on furthering space exploration with the use of nuclear power. In her free time, Heaba enjoys swimming, outdoor activities, traveling, exploring different cultures, and helping others.

Former Members:

Kelsey Stadnikia

Ph.D. (Class of 2019)

Kelsey is a Ph.D. student in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Florida. She earned her M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Florida in 2017 and her B.S. in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences from the University of Michigan in 2015. Outside of research, she is the President for The Engineering Honor Society (Tau Beta Pi) and she plays intramural soccer and volleyball. Her off campus activities include cooking, traveling, and fighting crime.

Yinong Liang 

Ph.D. (Class of 2018)

Yinong received her B.S. degree in Nuclear Science and Technology from North China Electric Power University in 2014. She then came to the University of Florida and joined the Ph.D. program with Dr. Enqvist. She has been working on the characterizations of Helium-4 fast neutron detectors and its potential applications in nuclear nonproliferation and safeguards. In her free time, she likes running, traveling, cooking, baking, and shopping.

Xianfei Wen

Assistant Research Scientist

Xianfei Wen received his Ph.D. degree in Nuclear Engineering from Oregon State University in 2016. His dissertation work focused on non-destructive assay of used nuclear fuel based on photon-induced reactions. His current research interests include radiation detector materials characterization, radiation sensors, photodetectors, nuclear safeguards, radiation therapy, and Monte Carlo simulation.

Kesey Stadnikia Ph.D. Class of 2019 AFTAC
Lucas Martiri M.S. Class of 2019  
Ira Harkness Ph.D. Class of 2018 UF (IT Manager)
Yinong Liang Ph.D. Class of 2018 Lab Volunteer
Robert Weinmann-Smith Ph.D. Class of 2018 Los Alamos National Lab
Allan Martin M.S. Class of 2018 Sandia/LANL
Shannon Eggers Ph.D. Class of 2018 Idaho National Lab
Gareth Newman Ph.D. Class of 2017 SCK-CEN
Haitang Wang Ph.D. Class of 2017 Esurance
Michael Mauger B.S. Class of 2015  
Enrique Wong B.S.    
Gabriel Sandler B.S.    
Lucienne Behar B.S.    
Johnathan Rosales B.S.    
Eric Steed B.S.    
Dennis Avery B.S.    

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